Optizone Technology Limited

Optizone offers wide range of isolators, couplers, pump laser protectors and PM (polarisation maintaining) components, ranging from 780 nm to 1550 nm and handling power from 300 mW to 20 W or higher on request. Optizone’s fiber components are famous for their high power handling, low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss and extinction ratio and excellent environmental stability and reliability. These components are ideal for high power fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers and instrumentation applications.

LightComm Technology

LightComm is specialised in designing and manufacturing of passive optical fiber components for fiber lasers, sensing and telecomm applications based on proprietary fiber fusion and tapering technology.

Raysung Photonics, Inc.

FBG mirrors are based on Raysung’s proprietary Double-Clad FBG technique, where the wavelength difference between the high reflection cavity mirror (HR) and the output coupler (OC) can be controlled at +/-0.1 nm accuracy. With the special heat management technique of FBGs, the FBGs meet to the highest standards of reliability and performance needs. For fiber laser developers working with a 10/125 or 20/400 fibers, the common design parameters are HR: > 99% reflectivity, 2 nm or 3 nm FWHM and OC: 5% or 10% reflectivity, 0.5 nm or 1 nm FWHM.