Microlaser M4

nLIGHT’s DPSS 1064nm Microlaser M4 is designed with integrated output optics, thermal control and a complete electronics package for a wide range of applications. Pumped with nLIGHT’s patented nXLT diodes, the Microlaser M4 offers exceptional beam quality and high pulse energy from a compact package.

The Microlaser M4 is engineered for easy integration and maintenance free operation that helps lower the cost and improve the reliability of your product. The passively Q-switched Microlaser M4 is a proven product with years of field data.

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Microlaser M30

nLIGHT’s DPSS 1064nm microlaser M30 is optimized for a wide range of material processing applications providing a high-performance, low-cost laser solution to system integrators. Pumped by nLIGHT’s patented pearlTM high-brightness diodes, the microlaser M30 delivers industry-leading peak power and excellent beam quality in a compact package.

The Microlaser M30 has been specifically designed for low-cost compact laser marking systems to enable easy integration and maintenance-free operation.

The passively Q-switched Microlaser M30 is designed for long-term, reliable performance within the rigors of industrial settings.

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