“As we see continued growth of laser technology market today, we believe that this time also marks a major shift from distributors holding traditionally inventory in their warehouses that cost time and money towards demand of drop shipping products directly from the factory to the customers without an added step and cost in intermediate warehouses.

With greater customers’ expectations of delivery speed, the latest production batches and more affordable priced products, our customers worldwide value and take advantage of our ”inventory-less” distribution service. It gives them better control on product quality and lower the cost of product ownership which boost their business bottomlines and competitiveness in challenging business environment.

The GEHT Marketplace, our online platform for new and pre-owned lasers and optoelectronic products, continues to expand our vision to help customers to boost their business bottomlines: the inventory costs related to storing and maintaining unused lasers and optoelectronic products can be as high as 25% of inventory value on hand. Now you can get rid of your unused inventory or assets and turn them easily into money. At the same time, the buyers are offered a transparent and rock bottom pricing of products without any additional costs that are typical to third party resellers.

We continue to embrace new tools and technologies to deliver the strength of our world-class brand portfolio to the laser technology marketplace and we’re looking forward to work with you.”

Heikki Timonen, Director
GEHT International Ltd