Unlocking Mid-IR: The Power of Chalcogenide Optical Fibers

Chalcogenide optical fibers, with their excellent transmission properties in the mid-infrared (IR) range, are ideal for various high-sensitivity applications. In IR imaging, chalcogenide fibers enhance the ability to capture detailed images in low-light conditions, crucial for medical diagnostics and security operations. In the military, they are used in advanced targeting and surveillance systems requiring precise […]

Han’s TCS M976±3nm-F200/22-HC560 High Power Laser Diode

With a commanding output of 560 W and a center wavelength of 976 ± 3 nm, this module is perfectly suited for applications ranging from fiber laser pumping to advanced material processing. Its 200 μm / 0.22NA multimode optical fiber ensures efficient and effective operation across diverse settings. More details and online buying  options, visit www.gehtmarketplace.com.

Coractive’s Sustainability Milestones

As Coractive’s dedicated agent, GEHT International is excited to share Coractive’s impactful sustainability initiatives in their new facility. These measures underscore our principal’s commitment to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. Coractive has significantly reduced energy consumption by installing an energy recovery system, leveraging production machinery and renewable energy from wind and solar sources. This system […]

The 1470 nm Semiconductor Laser: A Breakthrough in Varicose Vein Laser Treatments

The Han’s TCS 1470 nm semiconductor laser stands out for its stable power output and exceptional spot consistency, ensuring safety and reliability. This laser is an invaluable tool in varicose vein treatments. Its unique attributes include minimal scattering of light within tissues, leading to uniform and effective distribution. The laser’s strong absorption rate paired with […]

CorActive phosphosilicate fibers

You need a high-performance Ytterbium-doped optical fiber for your high-energy pulsed lasers or amplifier? Thanks to CorActive’s experience in phosphosilicate glass fiber manufacturing, they developed a new generation of high absorption, photodarkening-free double clad fibers. They are perfect for applications such as laser marking and engraving. Contact us for further information and quotation.