Semiconductor lasers

Han’s TCS provides high power, high brightness semiconductor lasers which are widely used in the fields of material processing, diode-pumped solid-state pumping, fiber laser pumping, laser display, medical application and scientific research. As a subsidiary company of Han’s Laser, Han’s TCS semiconductor lasers have been designed and manufactured to meet end-customers performance, reliability and cost requirements for fiber laser, solid-state laser pumping and medical application. Han’s TCS provides high brightness fiber coupled diode laser modules with output power up to hundreds of watts and wavelengths from UV to near infrared.

Optical fibers

CorActive offers wide range of active and passive fibers that are used for such applications as fiber lasers, optical amplifiers, and ASE sources.  CorActive active fiber offering ranges from Ytterbium (Yb) and Erbium (Er) doped fiber to Erbium/Ytterbium (EY) and Thulium (Tm) fibers, and they come with different configurations to meet specific applications and customer requirements. Other dopants such as Neodymium, Thulium / Holmium, or Samarium are also available.

Laser drivers and TEC controllers

MESSTEC Power Converter is a technology leader for laser drivers, TEC controllers and electronic & mechanical components for lasers. Their product portfolio includes more than 100 patent-registered technical solutions for diode pumped lasers, diode lasers, lamp pumped lasers and TEC controllers. MESSTEC Power Converter comprehensive range of accessories, such as external control panels, safety interlocks and serial interfaces enable customers to realise multifunctional applications..

Fiber components

We offer wide range of fiber components for fiber laser and sensing applications from world leading component manufacturers. These components are easily to be integrated into any CW and pulsed fiber laser design ensuring reliable and cost effective fiber laser solutions. Also, most of the components are customisable to take into account customer’s special needs.

Optical amplifiers and light sources

Amonics is specialist in optical amplifiers, broadband light sources and nano-second pulsed fiber laser systems for LiDAR applications. In addition, Amonics offers a line of products for optical transmission applications, which includes DFB lasers, FP lasers, Lightwave Transmitters, Lightwave Converters, Lightwave Receivers, and optical switches.

LiDARs sensors

Shenzhen Enjoying Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Led. (“EAI Technology”) was established in 2015. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent sensors and solutions. It has three subsidiaries; Shenzhen YueDeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan ABTY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Huizhou YueDeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. EAI Technology Research and Development Headquarters is located in Shenzhen, and has research institutes in Wuhan and Xi’an.