Coractive’s Sustainability Milestones

As Coractive’s dedicated agent, GEHT International is excited to share Coractive’s impactful sustainability initiatives in their new facility. These measures underscore our principal’s commitment to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

Coractive has significantly reduced energy consumption by installing an energy recovery system, leveraging production machinery and renewable energy from wind and solar sources. This system efficiently supports heating, air conditioning, and the hot water supply, demonstrating a smart use of saved energy throughout the year.

Furthermore, Coractive’s adoption of a closed water recirculation loop marks a major step towards water conservation, minimizing waste and preserving this essential resource.

In their optical fiber production, Coractive’s partnership with Messer for “green” hydrogen supply showcases their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. By using green hydrogen, Coractive avoids releasing ten kilos of CO2 for every kilo used compared to traditional hydrogen.

GEHT International is proud to represent Coractive, a leader in advancing sustainable practices within the optical fiber industry, reflecting both companies’ dedication to eco-friendly and efficient production.