The 1470 nm Semiconductor Laser: A Breakthrough in Varicose Vein Laser Treatments

The Han’s TCS 1470 nm semiconductor laser stands out for its stable power output and exceptional spot consistency, ensuring safety and reliability. This laser is an invaluable tool in varicose vein treatments. Its unique attributes include minimal scattering of light within tissues, leading to uniform and effective distribution. The laser’s strong absorption rate paired with a shallow penetration depth of 2-3mm ensures a focused coagulation area, safeguarding surrounding healthy tissue.

Furthermore, the 1470nm semiconductor laser excels in surgical precision. Not only does it offer high cutting efficiency, but it also transmits seamlessly through optical fibers. The laser’s energy is readily absorbed by hemoglobin and cellular water, enabling concentrated heating in a targeted tissue volume for rapid vaporization and decomposition of tissue. This makes it particularly suitable for delicate surgeries involving nerves, blood vessels, and skin. Additionally, its energy directly targets blood vessel walls, facilitating complete and uniform vessel closure. This capability ensures surgeries are more thorough, safe, and minimally invasive, highlighting the laser’s advanced therapeutic potential.