Unlocking Mid-IR: The Power of Chalcogenide Optical Fibers

Chalcogenide optical fibers, with their excellent transmission properties in the mid-infrared (IR) range, are ideal for various high-sensitivity applications. In IR imaging, chalcogenide fibers enhance the ability to capture detailed images in low-light conditions, crucial for medical diagnostics and security operations. In the military, they are used in advanced targeting and surveillance systems requiring precise IR detection. The medical field benefits from these fibers through non-invasive diagnostics and treatments that leverage IR light’s tissue-penetrating ability.

The fibers’ high nonlinearity makes them essential in nonlinear optics, facilitating the development of new laser sources and improving existing laser systems. This nonlinearity also supports the generation of supercontinuum light sources, vital for numerous scientific and industrial applications. Coractive’s chalcogenide glasses, developed since 2005, offer high purity and stability. These fibers’ unique properties enable significant advancements in technology across diverse fields.